Myascention Login-My Ascension Employee Login

Myascention is an online employee portal used by some companies to provide workers access to pay information, benefits details, and more.

Getting started with myascention requires creating an online login account associated with your workplace. This article explains what myascention is, who can use it, how to log in or reset your password, and tips for accessing the portal.

What is myascention?

Myascention is an HR platform and employee portal created by Ascentis. It allows workers at certain organizations to log in and view payroll details, benefits information, company resources, and personal work profiles. Based on role, users may also access attendance tracking, scheduling, and time off management.

The online portal and mobile app provide a self-service hub to access workplace tools and information without contacting HR. Companies like Dollar Tree, Marco’s Pizza, and others use myascention for HR and payroll management.

Who can access myascention login?

Access to myascention is limited to employees of companies that use Ascentis for payroll and HR services. Each eligible employee will have a unique username and password to sign in to their employer’s customized myascention site.

User accounts are typically created automatically for employees by HR administrators. Account credentials are provided to users, who can then manage their own accounts.

What Are The Benefits of Myascention Portal?

Key features accessible through the myascention login include:

View pay stubs

  • Users can view, download, and print current and past pay stubs.

Access W-2s

  • Electronic W-2 forms can also be accessed from the portal each year.

Review benefits information

  • Details on health insurance, retirement plans, and other benefits are available.

Update contact information

  • Employees can manage personal details like home address and phone number.

How to sign in to myascention account

Logging in to your workplace’s myascention portal is simple:

Go to

  • Your employer will provide the specific URL for your company site.

Enter username and password

  • Use the credentials provided by your HR administrator.

Troubleshooting login issues

  • If you have login problems, contact your HR department for assistance.

Resetting myascention password

If you forget your password, use the self-service options to reset it:

Use “Forgot password” option

Click the link on the myascention login page.

Reset password

Follow prompts to reset your password yourself.

Create new password

Set a new password you can easily remember going forward.

How To Change Myascention Username?

To edit your username, follow these steps:

Log in to portal

  • First access your myascention account.

Go to profile settings

  • Visit account settings to make changes.

Edit username

  • Update your username to a new one of your choice.

Myascention mobile app

In addition to web access, myascention offers a mobile app:

Download from the app store

  • Get the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Log in with credentials

  • Use your existing work login to access the app.


Myascention gives employees an easy way to manage work information online. By providing quick access to pay stubs, benefits, contact info and more, it empowers users and improves engagement. Check with your employer to see if you have an account available to increase workplace productivity.For more information visit

FAQs about my ascension login

Q: Is there a mobile app for myascention?

A: Yes, myascention offers an iOS and Android mobile app to access your account on the go.

Q: How do I get a myascention login?

A: User accounts are created by HR administrators for employees of companies using Ascentis services.

Q: Can I change my username?

A: Yes, you can edit your username by going into your account profile settings after logging in.

Q: What if I lost my password?

A: Use the “Forgot password” link on the login page to reset your password yourself.

Q: Who do I contact for login issues?

A: For help with login troubleshooting, reach out to your company’s HR department.

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